New Discount Site Live Early 2015

Hi all loyal visitors. Just a little page to tell you that our new website will be up and running soon and will contain all the latest in hot couponse, discount codes and promotional vouchers for both online and offline shopping.

Thanks and we'll be back soon.

Here are some links to other discount code websites while you wait...

Coupon Code Alerts - This is the America version of the better coupon code sites around. Lots of discounts, deals and offers updated a few times per day. - This is one of the simpler discount code websites in the UK and provide constantly update codes and great deals.

Deal Feed - If you love sports nutrition, fitness and saving money then this site is pretty good for getting you great deals on whey protein, sports and fitness etc.

This new Voucher codes site called CodeAt is pretty good as it provides daily update voucher codes that are quick and easy to use. They don't have any deals however, just discount codes.

A money saving site that is really worth mentioning is a site called Deal DB. This discount code website offers plenty of vouchers, deals, sales and offers to the UK public when they need to get lower prices and save money. You can find many bargains on this site in the latest deals section, and also some of the cheapest things around in their products area. Discount Code DB is packed full of discount codes but isn't the best looking site we've seen. It's pretty basic but gets the job done. It's without all the other features that voucher codes sites have and this makes it a bit quicker and easier to find what you're looking for. If you want to get the lowest prices with their promo codes and hot deals then give them a quick look.

Payday Loan Advice - Yes payday loans are bad so this site is here to help you out. We also have advice for the company Cash Net USA which is a payday loan provider in the USA.